Sunday, 8 March 2020

Spring jobs

March is a busy month on the farm. With the increased light levels, longer days and milder temperatures, plants really start growing strongly this month. At the other end of the year it's late September when plants really start to slow down.

Now hedge cutting is finished (birds should be starting to nest soon), it's all about getting plants started in the glasshouse, and other things direct sown/planted outdoors. 

The shelves in the glasshouse are rapidly filling up and it's time to start planting out lots of crops very soon, to make room for the next lot. That's the gamble this time of year - it can be warm and sunny, but also cold and windy, which sets plants back. The grower's gamble!

I have cultivated a few fields so far, sown all the carrots and will be planting potatoes this week.It's really important at this stage to get plants in the ground that can take being out this early, and ensure they're established.

April and May continues to be about sowing and planting, but also about keeping on top of weeds, which sure as hell follow after sowing and planting! 

So it's quite a tough going season spring, but that's always countered by the wonderful spring days with bright light and warm sun, birds singing and spring flowers coming thick and fast. 

It's important to appreciate this time of year after along winter. If you don't, summer will be here in no time and the fresh green of spring fades away.

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