Thursday, 29 December 2016

December sunshine

The weather's always like this in December!
A few from today and sunset two days ago...

Friday, 2 December 2016

Carbon footprint

Being winter, we're in the mood for doing indoor jobs and all the things
that have been put off in the summer. Now this one, calculating the
carbon footprint of the business is a year behind schedule, which is
pretty tardy by most standards!

But better late than never, here is the carbon footprint of Scilly
Organics in 2015. Once again we have calculated that far more carbon has
been absorbed on the farm than is emitted by all other activities. So
buying vegetables from us is a really carbon positive thing! If you want
to look at the detail go straight to this link:

Now, on to the 2016 carbon footprint...promise it'll be done in the next
month, as soon as the soil organic matter test results come back. Let's
see how the farm has fared this year...