Thursday, 30 April 2015

Veg stall up and running

It's the time of year to start selling veg by the road on St Martin's again.

We've moved it up the hill, near the Parsonage, and it's now closer to the farm. As usual we'll be stocking up every morning and produce is available all day, every day.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Spring on the farm

Early spuds coming on well in the sun
Spring is a wonderful time on St Martin's as every field and hedgerow seems to be filled with flowers. The recent good weather has been a real pleasure after the cold winds and lack of sun. But, dare we say it, we could do with a bit of rain to get everything going again now!

This female blackbird is highly intelligent, spotting us going in to the shed and within seconds appearing for the hope of a dropped raisin or crumb!

The vines in the tunnel are, or have already flowered

Tomatoes are planted and starting their skyward climb

The colour of Euonymous hedges in spring takes some beating

Clear skies have given some excellent sunsets recently

The mustard and rocket in the tunnel has well and truly bolted, getting to about 6 foot high! We tend to leave them in as long as possible to give the bees some good early pollen sources