Sunday, 18 January 2015

Photos from December and January

Euonymous berries. When this hedge plant is let to grow a while - perhaps after 2 years of not being cut it sends out flowers. These lovely berries appear in mid-winter and are a favourite of wood pigeons.

Phacelia in flower in December. It's a green manure that normally doesn't flower in winter, but the weather has been so mild it thinks it's spring!

The storm on Jan 15th/16th blew up lots of sand off the beach, it was raining sand for at least 24 hours

Sand piled up against the polytunnel

Sunset over Samson in January

Par beach on January 18th

Farm hedges in January. We cut about one third of all hedges every year. 

Late afternoon in January - St Agnes

Sunset over Samson

View towards Bishop Rock and Samson

Sunrise over Great Bay