Friday, 23 March 2018

Assistant grower summer 2018

Applications for this post have now closed 

Assistant grower wanted for organic market garden in summer 2018

Scilly Organics is a small organic market garden on the Isles of Scilly, growing a range of vegetables, herbs and fruit that is sold locally, and we specialise in mixed salads. The business has been running since 2003 and has always been certified organic.

This is an opportunity to gain direct experience of growing a wide range of fruit, vegetables, herbs and salads on the beautiful island of St Martin’s in the Isles of Scilly. You will gain both growing and business experience, and be given considerable responsibility. This is an ideal post for a grower with experience who wants to take a step up to management or starting their own business.

We are looking to take on an assistant grower for two to four months from June 2018, working with us in our small team. We are looking for someone who has:
  • At least six months’ experience of growing organic vegetables commercially
  • Is highly motivated
  • Can take responsibility for day to day operations
  • Is keen to learn new skills and approaches
  • A driving licence and some tractor driving experience

Working hours are 4 ½ days per week, accommodation is provided, and free vegetables are available from the farm. Work contract length is negotiable depending on your availability and commitments. We are offering this post at a late stage in the season due to a previously arranged assistant grower having change their plans at short notice.

To apply for the position please send a CV, and a covering letter to include description of relevant experience, your motivation for applying and anything else relevant.

Applications, and enquiries for more detailed information, should be emailed to Jonathan Smith Deadline for application is midnight on 8th April 2018.
The role is paid; please contact me for details and for full terms and conditions, as well as any questions you might have.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

It snowed - again!

Snow on Scilly is a rare event. The last I can remember before this year was 2009. But now it's snowed twice within three weeks! Apparently an old boy in his 80's, who's lived here all his life, has said he can never remember two lots of snow in one winter. Climate change?

Anyway, for the sheer joy of Scilly in the snow here are some photos from this morning of snow and sunshine. By this afternoon it had nearly all gone...

Snow on caulis isn't a common problem we have selling on the veg stall!

Settling on elm trees, which should be ready to burst in to leaf in a week or two...

The track along Lawrences

Lawrences beach

Mr Snowman in front of the tunnel

The strange effect of snow slipping off a polytunnel

A downside of having guttering on tunnels - that took a lot of work getting the snow out!

Fields at Lawrences looking pretty

Believe it or not there are spuds under there. Fortunately none have shot up above ground level yet...

Above Great Bay