Thursday, 28 January 2016

'When the south wind doth blow, we shall have sand'

The storm over the last couple of days has brought huge amounts of sand over the dunes straight in to our fields. It looks like snow, only gives a longer lasting problem for us.

It's not easy trying to farm next to a beach!
There's a layer of seaweed somewhere under the sand!

Snow? No, sand...

There was so much sand in the guttering of the tunnel I had to use a trowel to get it out (and the guttering nearly broke under the weight of it)

Snow on the tunnel roof - this after some had already come off

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Trainee position at Scilly Organics for 2016

Please note the deadline for this position has now passed

Trainee wanted for organic market garden in spring/summer 2016

Scilly Organics is a small organic market garden on the Isles of Scilly, growing a range of vegetables, herbs and fruit that is sold locally, and we specialise in mixed salads. The business has been running since 2003.

In 2016 we are looking to take on a trainee for five months, from early April to late August, working with us in our small team. We are looking for someone who wants to learn about all aspects of running a market garden business, is motivated, hard working and is keen to learn.

Working hours are 4 ½ days per week, accommodation is provided on farm, free vegetables are available from the farm, plus £50 per week in cash.

This is an informal trainee position with no formal qualification, but offers a chance to gain first hand experience of running all aspects of a small market garden business alongside an experienced grower. The trainee will receive both physical and theoretical tuition in growing organic vegetables.

To apply for the position please send a CV, and a covering letter to include description of relevant experience, your motivation for applying and what career plans you have.

Applications, and enquiries for more detailed information, should be emailed to Jonathan Smith Deadline for applications is midnight on 27th January 2016.