Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Recent photos

Here are some recent photos from the farm:

Red onions swelling up through the biodegradable plastic

Experimental plot of oats ripening up

Carrots are still doing really well and tasting great - plenty more to come! It's one thing that really does like our sandy soil.

A real surprise has been the success of the grapes in the tunnel this year - lots of fruit and they were only planted 15 months ago.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Being a grower is a hard life...

This week has been quite full-on, many jobs to do, still no rain and demand for veg still high. So, this morning, Kat and I had to start picking at 6.00am (having finished at 9.30pm the previous evening) to get veg bags delivered to the launch by 9.00am. Only just made it!

So this afternoon we decided it was the perfect afternoon to finish a bit early (5.00pm) and head for the beach - which happens to be about 50 yards from the field. Being a grower is a hard life, but sometimes you also have to appreciate the finer things in life...