Monday, 4 November 2013

New polytunnel already producing

The story of the new polytunnel is a complex one. We had the idea last year, with a view to increasing the amount of protected crops like tomatoes and cucumbers we could produce in the summer. So we got planning permission, saved money and ordered the tunnel.

As 2013 was a bit of a mad year (long story), when it came to get the tunnel up in March we just didn't have the time. OK, maybe April? May even? Nope! It took until July for any action to happen and wasn't until September that the plastic was finally put on! All the best laid plans...

Anyway, the construction went well, the plastic-ing was really easy (compared to others before) and the result is a really good size, strong tunnel in a good position to be sheltered from winter winds (so far so good - fingers still crossed).

The winter crops in there, calabrese, cabbage, carrots, salad, chard and fennel look really good and have put on amazing growth since mid to late Sept. At this time of year the difference between outside and protected crops is remarkable.

Our thanks to (in chronological order) Michael, Phil, Jo, Bill, Helen, Rob and Adam for helping out in the process.