Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Storms part 2

So, the low pressures keep coming and battering these small islands. Yesterday was the strongest wind of the winter so far (and probably for a few years), a gust of 92mph. Today has seen continual bursts of 70mph +, with some sharp showers all day.

Somewhere behind that wave is Round Island

A bit of sun at the end of the day
This was about half an hour before high water
Last Saturday saw impressive seas to the north west, a huge ground sea combined with big spring tides literally battered the coastline.

The sea was overtopping the bank at Pernagie, washing seaweed 50 yards in to the field.

At Lower Town the quay was completely under water, the marker at the end of the quay also nearly under water. The sea washed 10 yards up the road towards the hotel.

Down at Lawrences the bank has taken another pounding, losing huge amounts of sand after last month's hammering.

The line of Pittisporum hedge that keeps the wind out of our fields at the western end of the beach has been seriously thinned. If the sea washes away another three or four yards of the bank then our fields will literally have nothing between them and the beach.

We're going to need to do something serious to save the use of our fields if we get any more winters like this one.