Sunday, 18 March 2018

It snowed - again!

Snow on Scilly is a rare event. The last I can remember before this year was 2009. But now it's snowed twice within three weeks! Apparently an old boy in his 80's, who's lived here all his life, has said he can never remember two lots of snow in one winter. Climate change?

Anyway, for the sheer joy of Scilly in the snow here are some photos from this morning of snow and sunshine. By this afternoon it had nearly all gone...

Snow on caulis isn't a common problem we have selling on the veg stall!

Settling on elm trees, which should be ready to burst in to leaf in a week or two...

The track along Lawrences

Lawrences beach

Mr Snowman in front of the tunnel

The strange effect of snow slipping off a polytunnel

A downside of having guttering on tunnels - that took a lot of work getting the snow out!

Fields at Lawrences looking pretty

Believe it or not there are spuds under there. Fortunately none have shot up above ground level yet...

Above Great Bay


Unknown said...

Hi Jonathan, you probably won’t remember me - I was at the Soil Association when you were. We walked past you today, as you were surveying your purple sprouting broccoli sales. Congrats, it’s great to see you’re doing so well. 🥦

Jonathan Smith said...

Hi Helen,
Yes I do! Sorry if I didn't spot you, should've come and said hello. Hope you're having a good holiday. Yes season is ready to kick off again and plans for more salad than ever this year!
Best wishes,