Sunday, 31 August 2008

Autumn cometh

It's just about September, but really it's been feeling like autumn most of August. Lots of rain and low temperatures have succeeded in knocking back crops that like heat (squash, courgettes, tomatoes, etc) and bringing on the dying back of bracken. On the whole leafy crops have done well though this season, with virtually uninterrupted wet spells meaning soil moisture levels have been kept well above levels you would expect for summer.

My bees have been working exceptionally hard this year however, which shows the pollen and nectar flow has been good. First they start on gorse, early in the year, move on to foxglove and campion, then honeysuckle, followed by brambles and finally heather - which is in full bloom now. Just a single jar of honey (weighing 1lb) represents approx. 50,000 bee miles!! They are incredible creatures...

Apples are starting to ripen well now and this is the first year the orchard has started to look like a decent orchard. I'm hoping in a few years time the trees will be 12ft tall and laden with fruit - just right for juicing. Who could resist some Scilly juice - and perhaps cider?!