Sunday, 20 March 2016

In the polytunnel now...

...there are leaves coming on the vines and the Oxalis plants (weeds) are in flower and looking beautiful.

Spring is here, even if outside it's feeling colder than it has all winter!

Thursday, 10 March 2016


We like Blackbirds, a lot. They seem to be very intelligent birds, as demonstrated by this one that is a regular visitor to the glasshouse. He knows that it's a potential source of food, and if the weather's poor he can get in out of the wind and rain. Hopefully he also eats a few slugs and snails too.

Our friend 'Mr Blackbird'
But they seem to have a curiosity for humans that not many birds appear to possess. He will happily sit for a few minutes very close around us, just watching and observing, as though being thoughtful and reflective. Then he'll fly outside and sit in the hedge, singing one of the most beautiful songs of all the birds - perhaps bettered only by the song thrush.

This blackbird - and I'm fairly sure it's the same one, was our daughter's first real encounter with wildlife (aside from trying to eat wild plants!). She was in her play pen, in the glasshouse, when in he came and started hopping around just a couple of feet away. Immediately she was captivated, not frightened at all, and has loved seeing him ever since.

So here's a thanks to the humble blackbird for enriching our lives. Oh, and it even gave name to our house....