Thursday, 24 August 2017


We've had a nice selection of fruit recently: peaches from the polytunnel - absolutely delicious (alas now sold out); grapes, also from the tunnel, still going strong and getting even sweeter; and some apples from the orchard.

Devonshire Quarrenden and Scilly Pearl
The first early eaters are Devonshire Quarrenden (red) and Scilly Pearl (green/yellow). Both are sweet, juicy and tasty but, as with most earlies, they don't keep for long. 

Scilly Pearl is a particularly special variety, thought to be the only one bred on Scilly. It has declined in numbers over the years, but we're doing our bit to bring it back. They're definitely worth having and a real pleasure to eat.

Just to complete the strange season, we've noticed several parasol mushrooms coming up recently, thanks to the wet August.

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